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A Case Study
The brief story of a company that has already saved millions of dollars off its healthcare bill.

Things to Know
Three facts you need to know in order to start controlling unnecessary costs and solving your company’s healthcare problems

Actions to Take
Three next steps to transform your healthcare costs into a smart advantage for your company

About the Authors


Paul Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Mr. Johnson has served as President and Co-Founder of Arrowhead Health, and now Redirect Health since our inception. He helps oversee operations and identifies new opportunities that support the company’s efforts to offer employers affordable, high-quality healthcare options. Mr. Johnson currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Arrowhead Health Centers and is a past member of the Board of Directors for the John C. Lincoln Hospital Foundation. Prior to co-founding Redirect Health, Mr. Johnson founded several multi-million dollar companies. He has also had a successful political career which included serving as the Mayor of Phoenix from 1990 to 1994. He and his administration were showcased in the New York Times, Forbes and People, among other national media outlets, for efforts leading to the Bertelsmann Award honoring Phoenix as the “Best Run City in the World.” He attended ASU as a History Major, and holds degrees in Business from University of Phoenix, and a degree from Harvard's Kennedy School in the Program for Senior Executives.


Dr. David  Berg, President and Co-Founder

Dr. Berg has served as Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Arrowhead Health, and now Redirect Health alongside Paul since our inception. Prior to co-founding Redirect Health, Dr. Berg established and maintained successful healthcare clinics both in Canada and the United States. With Redirect Health he has leveraged his decades of healthcare leadership experience to make healthcare simple and affordable for businesses throughout the country. Dr. Berg is the author of The Business Owner's Guide to Ending the Fight with Healthcare, a how-to guide that helps business owners leverage healthcare as a competitive advantage. In 2018, the Phoenix Business Journal honored Dr. Berg with the “Healthcare Heroes Innovator Award” for creating a transformative healthcare member experience that eliminates barriers for people to get affordable healthcare. Dr. Berg was also the finalist for three best-in-class awards at the 2018 World Health Care Congress in Washington DC. He holds degrees in Physics and Biology from the University of Toronto as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.