EverydayCARE Association Plans deliver meaningful access to healthcare - whenever, wherever

All EverydayCARE plans include important benefits that matter most to you

24 Hour Concierge

24/7 TelePCP

24/7 in English and Spanish, get all of the care you need. Your provider can diagnose, create a care plan, and even prescribe right over the phone.

Unlimited Primary Care

In-Office Care

All EverydayCARE plans include benefits for an annual wellness exam, (5) physician visits and labs. See a provider in our database, or maintain a relationship with your current provider.

Save Up To

TruScript Prescription Plan

You and your family receive preferred drug pricing, including over 400 of the most common drugs at no-cost and hundreds more under $50. We make it easy with access to 60,000+ preferred pharmacies nationwide. 

Making the right healthcare choices can be tricky.

Let RedirectHealth navigate these decisions for you.

The RedirectHealth Care Logistics team alleviates the stress of medical and health care decisions. No question or medical need is too big or too small - we're here for you. Our experienced medical team helps you navigate your care and ensure you receive the best treatment possible at the lowest costs available to you. Our fixed reimbursement model means you can submit your claims to be reimbursed the full amount available to you - even if that means your visit was less than the amount we provide you

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With RedirectHealth my wife and I saved $10,000 on the delivery of our fourth baby - despite medical complications - compared to the delivery of our third child when we were on a "good" insurance.

- Mike Arce, Redirect Health Member

A Plan Comparison

Traditional Insurance*

Traditional insurance benefits and cost may look like:


Family of 5 -
$1,627.50 per month

  • No Free 24/7 Care or Care Navigation
  • Limited to In-Network Providers
  • $10,000 Deductible and Out of Pocket maximum of $15,800
  • $40 per Primary Care
  • $25 for a Generic RX Prescription


*Based on quote from Bright Health Silver Plan for Phoenix, AZ on 12/8/18


The plan inclusions cover the benefits you need and care about most.


Family of 5 -
$329 per month
  • FREE Unlimited 24/7 Care and Care Navigation
  • Payment Assistance & Guidance Program
  • Open Network - Freedom Provider Choice
  • No Deductible on any plan option
  • Primary Care Visits (5) Days x $85
  • Wellness (1) or Preventative Care (1) day x $150*
  • 4 Tier Discount Program with over 400 RX at no cost

EverydayCARE + Sedera Access 1000 IUA

Customize to include vision, dental and medical cost sharing solutions for high-dollar healthcare expenses.

Family of 5 -
$762 per month
  • Free Unlimited 24/7 Care and Care Navigation
  • Payment Assistance & Guidance Program
  • Open Network - Freedom Provider Choice
  • $1000 IUA per need (initial unsharable amount)
  • No-Cap on Sharing (Sedera Access)
  • Primary Care Visits (5) days x $85*
  • Wellness (1) or Preventative care (1) day x $150*
  • 4 Tier Discount Program with over 400 RX at no-cost

Find the 'perfect fit' plan for you.

As the healthcare landscape changes, it's become increasingly difficult to find affordable insurance plans that fit your individual or family's needs. Whether you're transitioning off your parent's plan, looking to ditch a high-cost plan or are currently uninsured. Redirect Health has a plan for you. Our plans start at $124/month and provide you with exactly what you need to get healthy and stay healthy throughout the year. Download our benefits document to review the plan benefits n detail.


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TruScript RX for FREE

(a $19.95 value)

TruScript RX provides members with up to 80% savings on prescriptions


Your Care Team is always here for you

FREE Unlimited 24/7 Telehealth and more!

Download the Redirect Health app.  Members receive FREE Unlimited 24/7 Telehealth in English and Spanish with our easy and convenient app.  Members can also schedule an appointment for an in-office visit, refill a prescription and more! Communicate with the care team via call, text, email or video. 












  • FREE, Unlimited 24/7 Telehealth -Providers can diagnose, create a care plan, even call in a prescription
  • Manage chronic or acute disease (like diabetes or high-blood pressure)
  • Schedule an appointment for in-office visits
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  • google-play

Dr. David Berg, Redirect Health Founder

We know our mission at Redirect Health is it to get people to be so thrilled with their service, outcomes and cost that they feel compelled to say 'thank you'. It's those 'thank yous' that drive our team forward to continue to have a positive impact on the healthcare system and thousands of patient lives.
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A Better Path to Healthcare, Together

Inspired by today’s sharing economy, Sedera offers a refreshingly different approach to manage large healthcare expenses.

Sedera members commit to a healthy lifestyle and sharing one another’s medical burdens. In doing so they are able to save on cost without compromising quality of care.

Leave the hassles of insurance behind and enjoy:

  • Freedom from Networks
  • Price Transparency
  • Significantly Lower Costs
  • Caring Community

Learn more about Sedera's Medical Cost Sharing community.

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